Greenhood Nepal has worked with the local communities, youth, Government of Nepal and its departments for over five years. The major initiatives we have taken so far are supporting the wildlife and their habitat conservation, scaling up pangolin conservation, monitoring Illegal wildlife trade, understanding behaviour and incentives of IWT participants, capacity building of enforcement agencies, sensitizing transportation stakeholders and local community and mobilizing community youth.

Moreover, Greenhood Nepal is expanding its approach to address complex socio-ecological conservation challenges on-the-ground. Nepal hosts some of the world’s most charismatic endangered species and making remarkable progress in the conservation of some flagship species like Rhino and Tiger inside the protected areas. However, many least concerned endangered species are outside the protected areas and are in threat of illegal harvest and trade. Greenhood Nepal is working to aware people about the importance of wildlife and their habitat, mitigate human-wildlife conflicts and end poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

Our efforts are contributing in various sectors like meeting global and national conservation goals, supporting the development of national and regional conservation policy and in curbing illegal wildlife trade,  enhancing community participation in conservation, generating knowledge.