Thematic Areas

Greenhood Nepal works across a wide range of themes related to nature and environmental issues. Below you can explore all the themes;

Conservation Science and Species:

Greenhood Nepal is dedicated to achieving significant victories in biodiversity conservation in partnership with Government of Nepal and many other development partners. Through research and programme at field level, Greenhood Nepal has been addressing the multitude of challenges arising from habitat loss, human-wildlife conflicts, poaching and illegal wildlife trade.

Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management:

Greenhood Nepal has been working with local communities to strengthen their adaptation skills with an aim to minimize the impacts of climate change. We believe, youth and children will face the impacts of climate change in future so understanding climate change is very essential. Thus, to enhance the adaptation and mitigation skills, thereby, we are working with youths are children to enhance their knowledge in climate change. We are also doing research to the enhance the knowledge of the climate change in Nepal.

Water and Air:

Clean water and air are invincible for all living organisms. Water and air quality have been identified as one of the priorities, especially in city area in Nepal. Greenhood Nepal programme activities focus to ensure the enhancement of water and air quality.

Sustainable Development and Livelihoods:

Addressing sustainable development and livelihood in all the programme implemented by Greenhood Nepal is as integral part of it. Greenhood Nepal is working to promote sustainable development and reduce poverty by working with the marginalized group so that they can take advantage of the opportunities emerging from the rapid environmental and socioeconomic changes that are taking place in their area. Whereby, we aim to enhance the resilience capacity of the local people.