Crash course in R programming

Greenhood Nepal is organizing a training course in the R programming language. R is famous simply because of accessibility and easy to use by non-programmer, allow processing of large data, strong statistical and geospatial capabilities, massive community support, already built in packages and above all it is FREE.  In today’s competitive world, we have internalized the importance of programming language.  Such skill in programming is needed to be brought forth which help to foster the career path for each and every early career seeking person, students and professional. Knowing the fact of necessity in enhancing and expanding the knowledge in programming language, we are pleasesed to announce the seven day (23rd – 29th June, everyday 7am-9am) training course in R program.

The aim of this training is to make familiar with the R programming language and provide hands on exercise in problem solving approach.  The target groups of this training course are bachelor and master level students, freelance researchers and people working with any organizations. This training course will cover from basic in R programming (Installation, data types, data objectives, R packages), statistical analysis (Measure of central tendency (Mean, Median, Mode), Measure of central dispersion (standard deviation, variance, skewnes, kurtosis), Correlation and Regression, ANOVA, t-test, z-test)), data visualization (Time series,box plot, histogram, and others), making maps/study area (visualization of GPS data from field, prepare study area map, visualization of satellite product (SRTM,Landsat,Sentinel))  and basic spatial anaylsis in R (Working with DEM, Land cover change analysis).

Let’s bring out your theoretical and practical knowledge together to make best out of it. Interested participant are encourages to apply. Please take a moment to look and fill in the following google doc survey while applying.