Conservation Enforcement in Nepal


Nepal is both a critical source country for wildlife at a cross-road for transnational illegal wildlife trade (IWT).  It is also a country that has adopted a heavily enforcement-based response to IWT–including the deployment of the military into protected areas to protect charismatic megafauna.  As countries globally work to respond to the growing challenges of IWT, many are adopting similar enforcement-based approaches, for which Nepal offers useful lessons.

As enforcement-based approaches expand, however, there is a need to also consider the diverse social dimensions of enforcement-based IWT strategies.  These are important to both ensuring socially equitable conservation policies, and to ensuring their long-term effectiveness and sustainability.

This event will explore the challenges, complexities and social consequences of enforcement-based approaches to IWT and conservation.  It will showcase emerging research from interviews with 116 IWT prisoners held in prisons across Nepal, and a panel discussion leading conservationists from across Government of Nepal, civil society and the UK.

The event will feature speakers and a panel discussion, including:

  • Dr. Maheshowr Dhakal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation
  • Anupam Rana, DSP Central Investigation Bureau, Nepal Police
  • Susma Rana, Wildlife Crime Control Unit, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation
  • Santosh Mani Nepal, WWF Nepal
  • Prof. Rosaleen Duffy, Sheffield University, UK (video address)
  • Dr. Jacob Phelps, Lancaster Environment Centre, UK
  • Kumar Paudel, Greenhood Nepal

Date: Jan 10, 2018

Time: 01:00 – 04:00 pm (GMT+5:45)

Venue: Indreni Foodland, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

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