Conservation School

Greenhood Nepal believes that youths of today determine the future of tomorrow. Youths are the powerhouse of a community and an agent of change. In Nepal, about half of the population are under the age of 25. We believe, youth peer can inspire and engage them in the effective use and conservation of natural resources which as a whole, leads to getting a broader impact.

In this regard, Greenhood Nepal started the concept of Conservation school to make a pool of young conservation leaders throughout Nepal. We started it by four days long residential session for 24 youth leaders/students in 2012. They spent and learnt key skills to transform themselves as a local conservationist. Later, they led as an example in their community/college, sensitized and engaged their peer group too in the same cause.

Additionally, we also organize 1-2 days mobile Conservation School in the different parts of the Nepal. Currently, we are focusing it in and around core habitat of Pangolins and Red Panda in Central Nepal. We aim to conduct at least 30 Conservation School within next five years.

As a whole, this program aims to strengthen the engagement of Nepali youths in conservation, developing a generation of Nepali youth committed to environmentally friendly development practices and biodiversity conservation.