Climate Change

Nepal is considered as one of the fourth most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate change as ranked by the Climate Change Risk Atlas (2010). Similarly, vulnerability projection under A2 emission scenario in 2050 places Nepal under significant vulnerability (Gurung & Bhandari, 2009). In Nepal, being an under-developed country, the impacts are more serious that it has hit the major livelihoods base of common people (NAPA, 2010). Its complex topography and low adaptive capacity make it vulnerable to several climate induced disasters like droughts, floods, landslides, disease epidemics, glacial lake outburst flood, forest fires.

Greenhood Nepal believes that in order to minimize the impacts of climate change, we have to understand the science behind it and the implications caused by it. In this regard, we have been involved in different research to the enhance the knowledge of the climate change in Nepal. Moreover, we are working with local communities to strengthen their adaptation skills and hence minimize the impacts.