Advocacy and Campaigns

Nepal, one of the poorest country in the world. At the same time, it is developing at the very rapid pace. Development is good but we believe the developmental activities which are not the sustainable could be a curse in long run. At present, the focus of the government seems to be mostly on development (dozer development). In the name of development, many other very important things are overshadowed which includes biodiversity conservation. Thus, to limelight these important issues, Greenhood Nepal has been urging the government of Nepal and many other developmental organisations to follow sustainable development pathways.

Nepal is considered to be very vulnerable to climate change and many other natural hazards like flood, GLOFs, Earthquake and other. Greenhood Nepal in working with the young people to aware them about the importance of understanding these issues, so as to make our voices louder and clearer.

We follow many paths to make our voices stronger. We have been continuously doing many awareness programs to highlight these issues. The mass campaign like protest rally, talk program, radio program, newspaper article writing are our major programs in advocating and campaigning including hashtag discussions (e.g. #NepalPangolin), roundtable series. We work with many like-minded organisations are individuals to urge the government to follow sustainable development pathways.

We believe, “To change everything, we need everyone from everywhere”. Thus, interested change makers are always welcomed to join us.