Seven days with Pangolins

Sabitri Rai,

The news about the Pangolins and its seizures are always making its headlines, this always strikes my mind as I always had keen interest to witness Pangolin and its habitat. I shared my thought with Regan Sapkota, my college friend. He smiled and said, “You asked me at the right time. Greenhood Nepal works to enhance the conservation education and awareness in the local community and its conducting Conservation School next month. You can join if you are interested.”

After listening to a brief from him, I couldn’t stop myself to be a part of it. He shared the details of the plan to conduct Conservation School and Pangolin Art Workshop in three different schools of Kavrepalanchok for 2 days in each planning to engage at least 75 students. Soon I questioned why focusing Pangolin in that area, with a witty smile he explained, Kavrepalanchok is hosting critically endangered pangolins and place is a need of conservation awareness program.

We headed towards Panauti, Kavre at 7 in the morning. In meanwhile I was very nervous and excited as it was my first time to facilitate the awareness program regarding Pangolins. When we arrived at Panauti, we met our local team Mr. Anil Thapa and Mr. Diamond; they assisted us for a week and were the most helpful guy I have ever met. Overwhelmingly participation of more than 100 students from three different schools namely Shree Ram Higher Secondary School, Khopasi, Samudayik Higher Secondary School, Taukhal and Shanti Niketan Higher Secondary School, Rayale made us overjoyed.

I found all of the students very enthusiast and this made me feel ease along fun to interact with them. They were amazed that their area is one of the prime habitats of Pangolins. Many of the students shared that they have seen it and expressed that they were unaware regarding the fact how endangered the animal was due to extravagance human myth. Students from all three school expressed that the session was very informative and they assured to disseminate the information and importance regarding Pangolins in their community. During the interaction, the students from Shree Ram School shared about their experience of chasing and kicking the Pangolin during their picnic in Nagarkot. They confessed that their behavior was utterly wrong after realizing how endangered the Pangolins are after they participated in Conservation School and Pangolin Art Workshop.


Even though they were young they put forward their commitments to conserve the Pangolins in their community. Hearing this, I got inspired by their attitude and I felt the future of Pangolin is gleaming beautifully at least in their communities. In the run of interacting with them, I was also learning from them as I came to know more about Pangolin. It felt very intriguing and I feel proud to be part of initiative toward the conservation of such critically endangered species.


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